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A good year for Whores, say the BBC and I (03/02/14)

Last week I found myself at the House of Lords in London, discussing what the BBC World Service means to the world. The World Service stands for accuracy in reporting, a lot of very clever people said, it represents fairness and impartiality, it tells it like it is. So I was thrilled to see that […]

HIV prevention, Indonesian style: stay away from blondes (05/01/12)

Note: This post appeared over at Elizabeth Pisani’s new blog, “Portrait Indonesia”. “Wisdom of Whores” is still on hiatus as she travels Indonesia in preparation for her new book, but we thought that WOW readers might appreciate this particular post. If you’ve not done so already, please do go over to Portrait Indonesia and have […]

Unnecessary “sex”, in a truck (12/01/10)

These gems from the delightful “blog” of “unecessary” quotation marks need no comment. Though the comments on “this post” are quite fun. And from my best side: Thanks to dkj for driving me to them.

That night in Tiananmen Square (03/06/09)

Off-topic but on memory: 20 years ago today I was in Tiananmen Square, reporting for Reuters on the chaos that was the student movement. It was an odd time — sweaty, rank-smelling but rather jolly. Erica’s photo captures rather well the unbridled hubris and optimism of the students, right up to the last day or […]

Art goes viral (17/08/08)

Other people get spam e-mails offering them all night erections and a life free of depression. I get offered syphilis diagnostic kits and statistical analysis software. And now, viral art. The sculpture pictured above landed in my in-box from Bioetch — no, that’s not a typo. And I’m passing on to you the chance to […]

Dys-Lexia? (13/07/08)

I’m spending a few days making hay with friends in the hills near Geneva. I leave you with this priceless image courtesy of the rectal microbicide folks. What can Ana have been thinking of?

What’s wrong with Malay girls? (09/07/08)

So a Russian girl is worth twice as much as a girl from north China, huh? And Malaysian girls are discounted fairly heavily. There are 460 million young adult women in China. That’s 60 times more “girls” that you’ll find in Malaysia (even if you count the Chinese Malaysians). My rudimentary understanding of economics suggests […]

Ooh look, I speak Dutch (22/06/08)

Congratulations to the Bishop and his husband (11/06/08)

I was pleased to read of the marriage of Bishop Gene Robinson and his partner of 20 years Mark Andrew. Well, not marriage actually, but civil union, the closest we allow gay men and women to get to the sacrament in most States in the US. Bishop Robinson is Episcopalian (which is pretty High Church […]

The Whole Boy (in three cute parts) (10/06/08)

I’ve been remiss about posting links to electronic versions of all of the references cited in The Wisdom of Whores (or at least abstracts, where academic journals or others continue to restrict copyright to full text). I just have not found time to post several hundred documents and links to the site yet; though I […]

Random thoughts on data from Dilbert (14/05/08)

This evening, I’m speaking at London’s Southbank Centre about how to communicate uncertainties in data to a non-scientific audience. And what pops into my in box but this, from Scott Adams (via Tim Brown)?

Will Self, Prince Harry and genital warts (29/04/08)

The first review of The Wisdom of Whores hit the newsstands yesterday, in London’s Evening Standard. I was honoured that fab World of Boy novelist Will Self read the book, and thrilled that he reviewed it with his penis. (Well, he reviewed it with his brain. But he reviewed it together with his penis, which […]

The beauty of viruses (13/04/08)

Viruses can shut down immune systems and computer systems. They cost lives and money. But they can be works of great beauty. The HIV virus, bulbous and all hung about with stubby projections, is a bit of an exception. But look at “MyDoom”, a computer virus that’s been around since 2003. Alex Dragulescu of MIT […]

When you need to know who Daddy is department (31/03/08)

A while back, I posted a link to BioRad’s unlikely but delightful PCR test anthem, “When you need to know who Daddy is”. Those tests are strictly for lab nerds. More recently, though, supermarkets have started stocking do it yourself paternity tests. It wasn’t ever going to be long before enthusiastic you-tubers had a go […]

Burma goes AEDS free (29/02/08)

My gorgeous Goddaughter Poppy and her family live in Kachin state in the north of Burma, close to the Chinese border. The capital of Kachin, Myitkyina, sticks in my mind as the place with the highest HIV prevalence I’ve ever seen in routine surveillance data: over 80% in drug injectors throughout most of the 1990s. […]

Sex sells. But can it build? (27/02/08)

Anyone who has ever been on the metro in Paris knows that the French use sex to sell everything from dishwashers to floor cleaner. Now the league of students is using it in this (im)passioned plea to the government: Build more housing for students! Thanks to Unspun for throwing back the covers on this one.

What I didn’t do this summer (21/02/08)

For readers who know of my other obsession (besides sex and science): this fabulous image from Thomas Peschak, via Scientist, interrupted. I’ve only ever been this close to a Minke whale; I leave the Great White sharks for braver souls.

New condom rings the changes for sex in Indonesia (18/02/08)

Well, those folks at DKT in Indonesia have done it again. Not content to rest on their laurels with the official Democrat Party condom, they’ve now got Indonesia abuzz in anticipation of The Earthquake, a vibrating condom which will be launched on February 23 (but which is available to the cognoscenti of Jakarta from today […]

Sex workers: never get lost again (15/02/08)

Check out this new line of footwear for girls on the game. Sexy, fashionable, and with GPS mapping technology. Roll over James Bond — Q never did as much for you! (Lifted with thanks from the Daily Dish)

Rubber for New York (14/02/08)

Valentine’s day special from Monica Sweeney, NYC Health Department’s assistant commissioner for HIV prevention and control. “We’re trying to make New York City an even safer place to have sex”. Let’s see if the redesigned condoms will make for more safe sex: last year the city gave out 36 million condoms, according to the New […]

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