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Only in New York. (29/08/08)

The New York Observer has crowned Jamie Clayton the second most beautiful woman in New York. (It doesn’t tell us who the most beautiful woman is.) The always engaging Broadsheet deems this a triumph for transgenders, since Jamie was born a boy. Quite understandably, Jamie relates her “education sentimenale” to her past with a penis. […]

Dumping on Glasgow’s sex trade (and just dumping) (27/08/08)

I suppose I ought to write an outraged post about Glasgow’s daft decision to try to wipe out prostitution. Not least because other countries such as New Zealand that have decriminalised prostitution have found that conditions for many sex workers are improving, with no increase in the sex trade. On top of that, no HIV […]

Should we dump on negative advertising? (26/08/08)

As competition to treat people for HIV has hotted up, pharmaceutical companies have started dumping on one another. Using innuendo and not-quite-stated factoids, they are beginning to imply that the rival camp has something to hide (something they’ve no doubt learned from political campaigns). Those other drugs are toxic, discolouring, inconvenient. Activist groups and HIV […]

Lost in translation: H. I. V. (25/08/08)

From Heather, at A Minha Vida, I learned of an interesting compilation of HIV-related slang (originally from PlusNews). As they observe, the euphemisms we choose to say the unsayable often tell us quite a bit about our own cultures. In Angola, for example, getting HIV is like “pisar na min” –stepping on a landmine. But […]

Size matters (24/08/08)

Epidemiology and the wrath of God: Nigerian nightmare (22/08/08)

HIV research nerds like myself collect information from people at risk because we want to make things better for those people (by providing better prevention services, e.g.), not because we want to make things worse. But what happens when that information gets used as a weapon against the very people we want to help? It’s […]

No shit, Sherlock department: condom use droops with experience (21/08/08)

Dutch researchers recently revealed a stunning fact: If a guy loses his hard-on when he uses a condom, he’s more likely to have sex without a condom in the future. Researchers who came to this insightful conclusion have at least COINED a term for the disorder (it comes from COndom INduced Erectile Dysfunction). The study […]

Blog standard (19/08/08)

A couple of recent comments on this blog have made me question the nature of the beast. Jerome Martin of Act Up Paris takes me to task for not speaking to Act Up before commenting on a statement from colleagues at the Treatment Action Group that was critical of Act Up’s work. Jerome is quite […]

The spy who loved me(n) (18/08/08)

So Britain’s spy services are growing up. According to the Financial Times, the domestic spy service MI5 is looking to recruit more gay men and women to the service. MI5 has hooked up with gay rights lobby group Stonewall to try and get more gays to sign up to stick their noses into other people’s […]

Art goes viral (17/08/08)

Other people get spam e-mails offering them all night erections and a life free of depression. I get offered syphilis diagnostic kits and statistical analysis software. And now, viral art. The sculpture pictured above landed in my in-box from Bioetch — no, that’s not a typo. And I’m passing on to you the chance to […]

A fine, upstanding police officer (16/08/08)

Texas, the state that put an HIV positive man in jail for spitting in a cop’s eye, is not always so quick to defend the boys in blue. Beaumont cop Keith Breiner has been fired, even though, according to his lawyer, his strongest suit is “supervisory compliance”. Doing what he’s told. What he was told […]

Painting the sex trade in black and white (15/08/08)

Here we go again. Prostitution, trafficking, the sexual exploitation of kids. All of a piece, all equally wicked, and all inextricably linked (and unpacked quite nicely over at Boinkology). It’s what we’ve come to expect from the zealots who put their own souls ahead of other people’s bodies and minds. The goody two-shoes rescue cowboys, […]

Canada makes HIV prevention count (14/08/08)

One of the current buzzwords in HIV is “combination prevention” — a polite way of saying that anything that works even a little bit should be on the menu. It’s a way of trying to tear people away from the kindergarten level “Abstinence works, No, no, condoms work, No, no, circumcision works, No, no, it’s […]

Ankle straps and orgasms (12/08/08)

OK girls, listen up. First, drink a really nasty sports drink (my favourite of yore was the enticingly-named Pocari Sweat). Then hang around for half an hour. Now, strap some electrodes on to your ankles. Hang around for another half hour. This, apparently, will take a woman to a pre orgasmic plateau. From here, all […]

AIDS in America II: It’s not Black and White (11/08/08)

As promised, more on the hideously neglected HIV epidemic in Black America, promoted by a truly admirable report from the Black AIDS Institute. Endless news reports seized on the clever “If Black America were a country it would be drowning in US-funded HIV programmes” angle. Yes, there are more Black Americans living with HIV than […]

AIDS in America: More is less? (10/08/08)

What’s going on with AIDS in the US? I’ve finally had time to comb through CDC’s estimates of new HIV infections in the US, and I’m frankly little the wiser. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suddenly declared that around 55,000 Americans are getting infected with HIV each year (the estimate […]

Sex workers rock Mexico (09/08/08)

For 26 million dollars, you’d expect a good party. The AIDS conference in Mexico didn’t deliver much in the way of new science, but on the party front, it did just fine. It did serve to push some neglected issues up the agenda; the right of women, men and transgenders to sell sex safely was […]

AIDS activists disown the loony fringe (03/08/08)

Thinking back to press coverage of past AIDS conferences, I don’t hear “AIDS activist” and “Voice of Reason” echoing through the same sentence all that often. So I was particularly pleased to read In defence of rational AIDS activism, an exceedingly sensible piece from uber-activists Nathan Geffen and Gregg Gonsalves. Geffen and Gonsalves take fellow […]

The Mexico AIDS Jamboree: new contact number (01/08/08)

Is nearly upon us. I’ll be there from August 2 – 6th. See the Events page for sessions I’ll definitely be showing up for. If anyone wants to slope off for a gossip over a coffee or a cold beer, please call or text me on my Mexican cell, which is +52 1 5519042179 or […]