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UNDRUGS, moving in the right direction? (07/07/08)

Is HIV really about culture and migration and labour? You’d think so if you looked at the mandates of the 10 United Nations organisations that make up UNAIDS. I’ve always thought we only need two organisations involved: UNSEX and UNDRUGS. The first doesn’t exist, and the second (officially know and the United Nations Office on […]

Herpes treatment: another blow for HIV prevention (05/07/08)

Before AIDS, the sexually active teen’s STD joke-of-choice was “What’s the difference between love and herpes?” The answer, of course, was that herpes was for ever. And so it was, although antiviral therapy, acyclovir in particular, has proven quite good at suppressing it and at reducing outbreaks which often lead to genital ulcers. But those, […]

In LA, the law is an ass (03/07/08)

I wrote this post while in LA a fortnight ago, and found it lurking in my drafts just now. Belatedly, then, I feel compelled to celebrate my stay in Los Angeles by congratulating Judge Alex Kozinski for having a (somewhat sophomoric) sense of humour, incuding about sex. Kozinski is chief judge of the U.S. 9th […]

The language police lunges in to Gay (02/07/08)

Apparently not willing or able to think for themselves, Christian fundamentalists have been programming their computers to automate their views. The result: content that they themselves would probably consider pornographic. This, for example: “Homosexual dominated the competition. He started well and pulled out to a comfortable lead by the 40-meter mark. This time, he kept […]

US pressure squashes Cambodia’s HIV success (01/07/08)

We don’t have many success stories in HIV prevention. And it seems like the Bush government is determined to undermine the ones we do have. Cambodia and Uganda, both shining examples of success in HIV prevention, are being squashed into failure by ideologues who would rather see people die than help sex workers and young […]

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