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Creaming off the circumcisions? (07/06/08)

When we were trying to think of how to spend two million dollars of US taxpayers money on preventing the rampant growth of a non-existent HIV epidemic in a tiny country with no risk (East Timor), one of my colleagues suggested finding every sexually active man in the capital Dili and dipping their private parts […]

Come and argue with me, please (05/06/08)

From June 8th to July 4th I’ll be in the US and Canada. I’ll be visiting New York, Toronto, Washington DC, San Francisco, LA, Seattle and Vancouver. My schedule is here. Or you can see my Google calendar. Please come along to agree, disagree, make me think, change my mind, or entrench me in my […]

Shocking news from the US: teens have sex! (05/06/08)

The results of the 2007 round of risk surveillance among US high-school kids are out. They find, wait for it, that despite nearly a decade of being told to cross their legs, American teenagers still have sex! The proportion of teenagers having sex drifted downward for the first decade it was measured (the surveys started […]

A condom in the hand is not worth one in the bush (04/06/08)

Malaysia’s deputy health minister recently urged Malaysian women to carry condoms. And he was especially attentive to the Malay majority, recognising that about three quarters of reported HIV cases in Malaysia are among ethnic Malays, who make up just under two thirds of the population. Many of these are men who inject drugs. Good for […]

A billion dollars: not enough for gay men in Uganda (03/06/08)

The head of Uganda’s AIDS commission says his country can’t afford to do any HIV prevention work with gay men, according to the Pink News. Though they’ve got hundreds of millions in the AIDS funding trough, and have their snouts raised for more. “Gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because […]

Passion and chocolate in the national health service (02/06/08)

Britain’s National Health Service is getting passionate about chocolate, erections and good science. The NHS website has a fantastic new(ish) section called “Behind The Headlines”, a rapid-response force for some of the nonsense that passes for “science” in the newspapers every day. In the last couple of weeks the site has picked up studies that […]

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