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Global warming causes HIV (30/04/08)

The Wisdom of Whores isn’t published until next week, but one of the more absurd predictions in the book has come to pass. Here’s the passage from the book. Chatting with my friend Bert who works for the World Bank, I marvelled that almost every UN agency was on the AIDS bandwagon. Bert gave me […]

Will Self, Prince Harry and genital warts (29/04/08)

The first review of The Wisdom of Whores hit the newsstands yesterday, in London’s Evening Standard. I was honoured that fab World of Boy novelist Will Self read the book, and thrilled that he reviewed it with his penis. (Well, he reviewed it with his brain. But he reviewed it together with his penis, which […]

The key to HIV prevention: chastity pants for masseuses (28/04/08)

A fashion designer turned massage parlour owner in Indonesia has come up with an inspired solution to the problem of unsafe sex: he’s padlocking his girls in to their trousers. Paul Watson of the LA Times spoke to Franky Setiawan, owner of Doghado Massage Parlor, who came up with the chastity pants. Setiawan “says he […]

Transgender lesbians? Whatever (27/04/08)

What happens when a husband decides to become a wife? It depends where you live, according to a really interesting story in the New York Times. Improbably, Tina Kelley’s story from New Millford, New Jersey reminds me of a vortex of confusion that engulfed me in Jakarta, early in our research into transgender sex workers. […]

The World Bank bribes Tanzanians to stay HIV negative (26/04/08)

The World Bank and others plan to bribe young Tanzanians to stay HIV negative, according to Andrew Jack, writing in The Financial Times. We know blackmail can work pretty well in HIV prevention. When brothel-owners in Thailand were told their businesses would be shut down if they didn’t ensure clients used condoms, condom use shot […]

Pakistan rocks! (and makes me eat humble pie) (25/04/08)

As I flicked through the headlines of the wonderful Kaiser Foundation HIV reports, I saw this headline. Pakistan, U.N. Agency Launch Pilot Initiative To Improve HIV Control Efforts Among Women. I rolled my eyes. Another touchy-feely let’s-empower-women-through-microcredit-so-they-can-protect-themselves initiatives that will do precisely nothing to reduce new HIV infections. Ho hum. Then I read the story […]

Rasing the quality of procurement: by those wankers in government (24/04/08)

Britain’s Office of Government Commerce says its mission is to “drive up standards and procurement”. To help in this dynamic task, they’ve got a new logo. As I understand it, procurement is illegal in the UK, at least when it comes to procuring partners for pleasure. But if you turn the new logo on its […]

Smooth site for rough sex (23/04/08)

If you’re a guy into rough sex with other guys, or just curious about it, check out the fantastic new website at Hard Cell. Everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of different sexual practices, and some stuff you probably didn’t want to know, as well. What a pleasure to find […]

Rethinking Rethinking AIDS Day (23/04/08)

Today, apparently, is “Rethinking AIDS Day”. Or so we’re told by a group of AIDS denialists who gather under the banner of They and their mates have a channel on Youtube, too, called HIVquestions. They’ve been inviting me to sign up since I posted a video explaining that in some countries, counterintuitively enough, more […]

Celebrating the death of anti-condom cardinal (21/04/08)

I assume that Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, who died on Saturday, believed in an afterlife. I wonder if he’s given any thought to the millions of people he’ll meet in that afterlife who died young of AIDS because they didn’t use condoms. Some didn’t use condoms because they don’t like them, perhaps. Some because condoms […]

Still in the poetry corner: Head, heart and balls. (21/04/08)

Rapping about sex is nothing new. But it takes a cute Frenchman to do it in a classic metre, in a studio full of intellectuals sheathed in black. And to express so perfectly why public health programmes that appeal to only one of the three citadels of Boy are destined to fail. Thanks to Catherine […]

Poetry corner: How to continue (20/04/08)

Last night, I happened to be trawling around some of London’s gay entertainment establishments. I was struck by how much things have changed since John Ashbery was moved to write his classic elegy to AIDS, How to Continue. Here it is, lest we forget. How to Continue” by John Ashbery Oh there once was a […]

Price fixing in the sex trade: a dirty business (19/04/08)

Australia’s abuzz with reports of price fixing for strippers. The owners of Sydney strip clubs Bomshells and Sex Bombs are paying strippers more than rival club Adult Fire; Adult Fire has told a Federal Court that the two higher-paying clubs have conspired to raise payments to workers to drive it out of business. Hmm. Most […]

Canada could inject sense into Ukraine’s HIV response (18/04/08)

A Canadian group has just been holding a pow-wow on HIV prevention in Ukraine. The Winnipeg Free Press notes that Winnipeg’s the right place to be holding these discussions because the city is home to so many people whose roots are in Ukraine. In fact, it’s appropriate in another way. Ukraine’s HIV risk looks a […]

Undies for safe sex (17/04/08)

In the dim and distant past, I made money by hand-painting boxer shorts. Including for some rather well known political bloggers. This video from the folks at Isis Inc made me think I should go back to the drawing board. Though I’m guessing the very fact that I knew boys who wore boxers, let alone […]

Mice lad mags: blokes are gagging for it, females sulk (16/04/08)

Regular readers know that I’m a huge supporter of Open Access publishing of science, particularly of PLoS. Because more people get to read good science, obviously, but also because with the “Pick of the Week” PLoSONE, you find yourself reading things you’d never otherwise come across. Such as this study from the University of Toronto, […]

More sex equals less HIV: I explain why (16/04/08)

This video, not to be taken tooooo seriously (though the science is spot on), is the product of a rainy afternoon with the incomparable Candy Gourlay. Check out Candy’s wit, wisdom and illustration at Notes From the Slushpile

Scientists just say no to drug companies (15/04/08)

Big Pharma is famous for trying to seduce doctors into prescribing their products by giving them goodies and inviting them on junkets. Often, that amounts to naked bribery. But they also offer to pay independent scientists to participate in meetings, to give advice to board members, or to speak to said junkets. That’s more of […]

Whining and dining in the Nanny state (15/04/08)

As parliamentarians start to interfere with the size of our wine glasses, Brits are whining that the Nanny state is getting too big for its boots. Why should the state tell us what to eat, how much to drink, how to have sex? Because to save us from ourselves, say some. To save us from […]

Sex cuts your appetite: diet lessons from mosquitoes (14/04/08)

Researchers hoping to prevent dengue fever have discovered that male mosquitoes manipulate the females they have sex with. Apparently, their semen is rich with proteins that cut down on a female’s appetite, slashing her desire to go off and suck down more mammals’ blood. It’s when mosquitoes bite mammals, including humans, that they pass on […]

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