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Brideshead Revisited — the gay boy’s cut (20/02/08)

(Source: Youtube via Towleroad)

Stating the obvious department: HIV kills mothers (20/02/08)

A study in Mozambique looks at what is killing women during childbirth or over the following 42 days. We tend to think of “maternal mortality” as deaths from haemorrhage or other obstetric complications, but in this case, more women died of infectious diseases than of pregnancy-or-delivery-gone-wrong. And of the infectious diseases, the biggest killer was […]

The Gates Foudation – saviour or bully? (19/02/08)

In a very interesting article the New York Times’ Donald McNeil describes the bad blood that is brewing between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO. The Gates Foundation’s spending on health in developing countries dwarfs that of the WHO, and now the Geneva-based health cops are worried that they are losing their […]

Sex toys go green (18/02/08)

Ever heard me ranting about “kids-and-AIDS”, “security-and-AIDS”, “fisheries-and-AIDS” and adding despariningly that I’m just waiting for “global-warming-and-AIDS”? Well it’s here. Or at least “global-warming-and-safe-sex” is. Pictured left, the Eco-sexy kit, which will set you back just US$59. For more variety (and some truly artistic hand-blown glass work), check out these eco-friendly sex toys from Babeland. […]

New condom rings the changes for sex in Indonesia (18/02/08)

Well, those folks at DKT in Indonesia have done it again. Not content to rest on their laurels with the official Democrat Party condom, they’ve now got Indonesia abuzz in anticipation of The Earthquake, a vibrating condom which will be launched on February 23 (but which is available to the cognoscenti of Jakarta from today […]

Open access publishing: Harvard ups the ante (18/02/08)

It was a good week for science. Well, for open access publishing, which is the future of scientific communication. Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted a thunderous YES to a proposal to publish their academic papers on the internet. The proposal, reproduced below, is a bit hazy on the timing of public posting. […]

Rebel mayor supports gays in Madrid (16/02/08)

Spanish gay-bashing update: Hundreds of Spaniards protested outside the headquarters of the country’s (un)Popular Party today, demanding that the party leader Mariano Rajoy retract his opposition to adoption rights for gay couples. True to form, the Mayor of Madrd Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón stuck two fingers up at the PP, of which he’s a nominal member, and […]

Where the candidates stand on AIDS (15/02/08)

From the ever-helpful Kaiser Family Foundation comes a very useful summary of where each of the US presidential candidates stands on HIV issues. The summaries for Obama and Clinton are so similar that I ran a “compare docs” on them. Besides substituting names and genders (he/she), the only real differences are: Obama supports “comprehensive sex […]

Sex workers: never get lost again (15/02/08)

Check out this new line of footwear for girls on the game. Sexy, fashionable, and with GPS mapping technology. Roll over James Bond — Q never did as much for you! (Lifted with thanks from the Daily Dish)

Giving contract tracing a bad name (15/02/08)

I’m aware that my ambivalent attitude towards tracing the sex partners of HIV-infected people in order to offer them testing, prevention services and treatment if necessary is unpopular in some quarters. When I look at what the Egyptian government is up to, I can really see why. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, […]

Rubber for New York (14/02/08)

Valentine’s day special from Monica Sweeney, NYC Health Department’s assistant commissioner for HIV prevention and control. “We’re trying to make New York City an even safer place to have sex”. Let’s see if the redesigned condoms will make for more safe sex: last year the city gave out 36 million condoms, according to the New […]

Valentine for Voters: tales from Zimbabwe (14/02/08)

Check out this Valentine’s day poem from Isabella Matambanadzo, who fights the good fight in Zimbabwe and understands the importance of good underwear. Here’s how it starts, just to give you a flavour. I dressed for the occasion. Put my cute fanny in lace nickers, Gave my breasts some serious gravity (EJ Win always says […]

No Valentine’s sex for Thai teens (14/02/08)

What with two a.m. closures and best-behaviour brothels, it has been quite a while since Bangkok deserved its international reputation as “Sin City, East”. But the morality police are taking things a bit far this Valentine’s day. One in four Bangkok teens said they’d be celebrating Valentines day by having sex, according to a poll […]

Force for good in Sinagpore (13/02/08)

Singapore wants its citizens to take more responsibility for their sexual behaviour, Bloomberg reports. “We’re trying to find a way essentially to ask them to be responsible for their own actions,” said Koh Peng Keng, the Health Ministry’s senior director of operations.” “Them”, in this case, is people who do daft things like have unprotected […]

Russian business threatened by epidemic of hype (13/02/08)

In an editorial in the Moscow Times, Daniel Kashnitsky argues that Russian businesses could see their edge in the international marketplace undermined by HIV. He cites a bunch of scary stats, intended to jolt business leaders out of their complacency. Russia has the highest number of HIV cases in Europe. (Well yes, but it also […]

“We know it works” department: Boston Globe supports clean needles (13/02/08)

Yet another sensible voice raised against the ban on federal funding of needle exchange programmes. The Boston Globe editorial even includes the mandatory “We know it works” quote. What it doesn’t mention is that an end to the ban within the US would probably have a very important knock-on effect internationally, because it would open […]

Man cannot live by orgasm alone (12/02/08)

In a wonderful article on orgasms, Regina Nuzzo reports on laboratory research that involves people training themselves to control areas of their brain which can induce or block orgasm. It’s really interesting stuff, and well written, too (and much e-mailed, as noted by rather crossly by political blogger Andrew Malcolm). But it raises a question […]

Condoms on the catwalk department (11/02/08)

Tops and bottoms: an economist’s sex equations (11/02/08)

As the author of a (hideously technical) guide to coding of sexual behaviour data, I was intrigued by a recent excavation of the coded sex diaries of economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was married but enthusiastically pursued men for sex at any opportunity. He was also the consummate data nerd, so of course he kept […]

Spain’s (un)Popular Party wants to roll back gay marriage (10/02/08)

Spain’s gay community is up in arms. The right-wing Popular Party chief, Mariano Rajoy, told 20 Minutos newspaper that he would try to revoke the rights of gays to marry and adopt kids if his party wins national elections on March 9. The story made the front page of some of the popular Sundays. Gays […]

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