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Voting is like sex: action trumps intention (12/01/08)

Anyone else amused by all the harrumphing about the pollsters’ failure to predict the results of the New Hampshire Democratic party primary? All manner of explanations are offered for why the pollsters got things so wrong. But very few people have come up with the explanation that is levelled at virtually every piece of sexual […]

Circumcision is not the only fruit (11/01/08)

Lopping off foreskins reduces HIV transmission. But we haven’t always known that. Indeed when I was in grad school (not ALL that long ago) I remember being given a paper overlaying a map of tribal circumcision practices in Africa with HIV rates. The paper concluded that circumcision might slow the spread of HIV; it was […]

Drug pushers unlimited (10/01/08)

Almost everyone agrees that we need to invest more in developing drugs that treat and cure the illnesses that beset poor people. Many of us disagree, though, with pharmaceutical companies when they whinge about “patent protection”. This translates as keeping prices high while Big Pharma recoups its investment in research and rewards its shareholders. The […]

Keep the Democrats Coming (09/01/08)

Democrats in Indonesia have organised to produce what every presidential candidate needs: handy condoms in packaging hardy enough to withstand the ardours of the campaign trail. Studded condoms, to boot, supplied by the ever-popular Fiesta brand. Studs and parties, then. Not entirely inappropriate.

Less might be more in funding HIV programmes (08/01/08)

In an eminently sensible editorial, Daniel Halperin recently argued that the vast resources available for AIDS in the developing world, and especially in Africa, are threatening to crush other important priorities such as basic sanitation. This has prompted a prickly response from the Global AIDS Alliance. Somewhat predictably, the Global AIDS Alliance argues that we […]

Toxic shock (07/01/08)

Two recent stories in the New York Times make depressing reading for the New Year. New HIV infections among young gay men in New York City rose by a third between 2001 and 2006, very probably because condom use has been falling. Over roughly the same period, the number of people aged over 50 with […]

Say no to drunks (07/01/08)

Wandering around the villages of East Java on the last day of 2007, I came across a bunch of kids preparing for their New Year’s Eve festivities. No champagne for me, then…

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