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The White House vs Science: what’s a girl to do? (31/01/08)

Salon’s Sheila Kaplan, Newshoggers and Michael Clark bring to our attention the latest salvo in the Bush administration’s war on science — this time, it was suppressing information about possible toxicity of trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina because of formaldehyde, though it might just as well be the safety of condoms (which […]

HIV infection made (almost) simple (31/01/08)

Everyone knows about the behaviours that spread HIV. But if you’re at all hazy on the mechanics, how the virus actually manages its assault on an uninfected person, this video is for you. Thanks to Boehringer-Ingelheim for paying for this. See, Big Pharma’s not all bad…

Red sports cars go global (30/01/08)

It’s official. Mid-life crisis is a global phenomenon, according to a a new study, reported in the Financial Times. It happens to men and women, rich and poor, married and unmarried. We love our 20s and 30s, get a bit grumpy in our mid-40s and then cheer up again by the time we’re 70 (if […]

Treating our failures (30/01/08)

As Think Progress and CREDO pointed out, George Bush shouldn’t have been quite so smug in his State of the Union address. They list some of the ways that US money is undermining progress against HIV. But I’m afraid they’ve missed some other gems that the administration has thrown up in the way of effective […]

Ask a hooker, not a doctor (30/01/08)

The British Medical Journal has been running a little debate on condoms: are they the answer to rising rates of sexually transmitted infections? “Yes but” (we also need other approaches), says one side. “No therefore” (we also need other approaches), says the other. Bald men fighting over a comb. Both sides achieve the almost unachieveable: […]

Big pharma does smack (28/01/08)

Junkies on the frontline (28/01/08)

Some good news for drug injectors in the US: a nasal spray that costs less than US$ 10 can reverse the effect of an opiate overdose . Some even better news: programmes giving out these sprays have sprung up across the country. A programme on National Public Radio reports that these kits, which put drug […]

Shame on America’s johns (28/01/08)

Celeb economist Steven Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, has been drawing attention to the fact that women can earn more selling sex than in lots of other jobs — around four times more, at least in Chicago. In the UK, between two and three times more, if you add up hours worked over a week. Two […]

It wasn’t me, it was my id (26/01/08)

David Hare’s play The Vertical Hour, which has just opened at London’s Royal Court theatre, features an impassioned, articulate former war correspondent. She is a woman of great intelligence, apart from having fallen in love with another war correspondent, (“six foot tall, thin as a rake…”). She has this to say about dumb things we […]

You tell ’em, girl! (25/01/08)

Robyn Few speaks eloquently about her job selling sex. More from the Sin City Alternative Professionals’ Association

Should scientists bend over and take it? (25/01/08)

In an earlier post, I worried that we were repeating the mistakes of the AIDS epidemic by allowing political correctness to stand in the way of the facts. At issue is a study of MRSA, which indicated that a nasty, drug-resistant form of the bug was spreading among gay men, possibly through sexual contact. You […]

A viagra, half an E, some ARVs: the new party pack? (23/01/08)

So if you give antiretrovirals to humanised mice (don’t ask) and then slosh their vaginas full of HIV, they don’t get infected, according to a new study from Paul Denton and colleagues at the University of Texas. None of the five mice treated with a combination of emtricitabine and tenofovir got infected, whereas 7 out […]

Shopping for smackheads (22/01/08)

“Gay plague” hysteria: has AIDS taught us nothing? (21/01/08)

Last week, Annals of Internal Medicine published an important paper on drug-resistant MRSA, a bug often spread in hospitals but in this case circulating in the population. Binh An Diep and colleagues report that gay men are 13 times more likely to have this strain of MRSA than other people. MRSA can manifest itself in […]

Cum cum, it’s art (20/01/08)

Europe is baring all this winter, with major exhibitions of erotica in both London and Paris. But London has a side show more explicit than anything the French dare to show. Artist Jordan McKenzie masturbates over paper. Having seeded his artwork, he fertilises it with carbon powder, creating dashing artworks. These great works have inspired […]

God give us strength (or money) (18/01/08)

This week, over 15,000 people converged on the Thai capital Bangkok to chit chat about religion’s role in helping people with HIV, Thailand’s Nation newspaper reports. The paper quotes Asian Interfaith Network on HIV/AIDS chairperson Pramaha Boonchuay Doojai as saying that “People with HIV can spend their life in communities peacefully if religious organisation help […]

Get drunk, get randy, fall down. Flies do it too. (17/01/08)

How does alcohol affect male sexual performance? According to a new study, males consuming alcohol in a pub went through three distinct phases: “they became hyperactive (fast walking), lost motor control (infrequent movements and frequent falls during walking), and then were sedated (lying on their back)”. Other findings: getting all boozed up led to “enhanced […]

Getting behind sex ed (15/01/08)

I have been greatly seduced by The MidWest Teen Sex Show. Its monthly podcasts aim to inform teenagers about the ins and outs of sex. Their audience must include thousands of teenagers who have been keep in Three Monkeys ignorance by the Bush administration’s “abstinence only” programmes — programmes which I note have been generously […]

Science, art and pushing buttons (14/01/08)

In How to Be Good, Nick Hornby pretends to be a woman. Here she’s talking about her lover and her husband, who she’s just asked for a divorce. “The difference between sex with David and sex with Stephen is like the difference between science and art. With Stephen, it’s all empathy and imagination and the […]

When you need to know who Daddy is (13/01/08)

Art, science and the glories of Web 2.0 marketing come together in this wonderful Notes for Nerds video from diagnostics firm BioRad. The lyrics are posted here.

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