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Dangers of sex 1: The domino effect (11/12/07)

Thanks to Basia Zaba for contributing this very good reason to cross your legs.  

Squashing science: It’s not just us (11/12/07)

In a new report (pdf, 37 pages), America’s House Oversight Committee has suggested that the Bush White House has been massaging the science on climate change.The report’s “one inescapable conclusion: the Bush Administration has engaged in a systematic effort to manipulate climate change science and mislead policymakers and the public about the dangers of global […]

Huckabee was right (for the wrong reasons) (10/12/07)

US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is refusing to suck back comments made in 1992 about isolating people with HIV, according to an AP report reprinted in the IHT. Web sites are buzzing with outrage: Huckabee wants to quarantine people with HIV. Shame! Despite his own, rather incompetent efforts to defend himself from that assertion on […]

Another reason never to leave home without your condoms (10/12/07)

LGBT: answers on a postcard please (10/12/07)

Commenting on Bullshit Bingo, Media Whore wonders what “LGBT” stands for. MW’s opening bid: Less Go Bed Togevver. Any better offers out there? As a hint, let me reproduce this gem from a recent UNAIDS publication on Men Who Have Sex With Men”: (pdf file, 703 kb) “While we use the term ‘men who have […]

Ringing the changes (08/12/07)

Sales of the England football supporters condoms linked to in the previous post may have drooped along with the team’s performance, but there’s no shortage of other specialist condoms to keep the spirits up. Earlier this year, a virbrating condom sent waves through the Indian market. The Crezendo condom vibrates through a battery operated ring […]

Bouncing up the cost of rubbers? Bayer pays the price (07/12/07)

Some economists, comparing the cost of manufacturing and distributing condoms with the cost of treating HIV, believe that condoms should be bought by governments and distributed free to anyone who needs them. So how come they are so expensive in many countries? In Britain, bog standard condoms cost over one Euro each, more if you […]

A less stubborn India “saves” nearly 3 million from HIV (06/12/07)

In an eminently sensible commentary in this week’s Lancet (Drop of HIV estimate for India to less than half — access may require painless free registration), Lalit and Rakhi Dandona explain how India managed to overestimate the number of people living with HIV by over 100%, adding a cool 2.7 million notional HIV infections to […]

It’s not just about staying healthy (06/12/07)

An all-time favourite, this French ad reminds us that there are all sorts of good reasons to use condoms.

Teenage girls take on a killer (06/12/07)

Great excitement in New York, where girls wiped the board in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, which a New York Times article describes as “one of [America’s] most coveted student science awards”. It’s no great surprise to me that girls are doing better than boys in science and maths. Indeed I heard […]

HIV falls in Zimbabwe? Mysteries and mistresses (04/12/07)

In his “Open letter to epidemiologists and surveillance experts” Tim France looks at falling HIV prevalence rates in Zimbabwe and asks an important question: is lower HIV prevalence always a good thing? He points out several situations where HIV prevalence could be expected to rise, for “good” reasons. Obviously, the longer people survive with HIV, […]

Cupcakes and Condoms (01/12/07)

For many years, Thailand’s condom king, Mechai Viravaidya, has cornered the culinary condom market with his restaurant “Cabbages and Condoms”, a Bangkok institution. But I see that others believe we should put out condoms where out mouths are…

Talking of penises (01/12/07)

While I was at the gender meeting in Nairobi mentioned in the article, some friends and I played “Bullshit Bingo” a game that passes the time in jargon-filled UN meetings. Here is my (not quite completed) bingo card. I wrote my own destruction into the bottom right hand corner. In a three day meeting about […]

What’s wrong with penises? (01/12/07)

This morning, The Guardian newspaper published a commentary (We can’t wait for equality) that I had written about the role of the sexes (or the genders, if you’re coming over all PC) in the HIV epidemic. My point was that in most of the world, HIV is a man’s disease. The original version (and the […]

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