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Is that a silicone implant, or are you just glad to see me? (24/12/07)

With this “Tits for Tat” image, plagerised from Andrew Sullivan’s always muscular blog, I sign off for two weeks wandering in Central Java, in search of Wisdom. Regular posting resumes in January.

Sex with robots? Call the unions! (23/12/07)

David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands tells MSNBC’s Live Science that we’ll be having sex with robots within five years. Without wanting to reflect too much on whether long-married partners would consider sex with robots to be much of an innovation, I think the issue raises important ethical questions. Will robots […]

Dial 999, Spanish style (22/12/07)

Needling the White House (21/12/07)

So Congress has finally passed the US$ 556 billion budget bill (Reuters). It now goes to George Bush to be signed. As John McManus and others note, the bill is laden with pork. McManus is rightly infuriated by how keen most Congressmen are to bring home the pork, in other words, to bundle spending on […]

Where do bears shit? (21/12/07)

Thanks to Lee Rudolph for bringing to our attention another spectacularly insightful piece of (taxpayer funded) research (see Lee’s comment on an earlier post). The paper must be important because it contains sentences such as: “A modest, but significant, relationship was found between this variable and the six-item index [of ‘dichotomously assessed condom use errors […]

Drink ’til you droop? Sadly not. (20/12/07)

It’s finally official. Get sloppy drunk, and you could end up with a drippy dick. This according to a study of 520 STD clinic patients published in the International Journal of STDs & AIDS (abstract available online. The full text of this publicly funded study costs an outrageous US$18). The journal’s editor, Wallace Dinsmore, told […]

Whose knickers would you rather be in? (19/12/07)

Becks appears to prefer Giorgio Armani’s. And when you consider the alternatives…

Something for the weekend, sir? (19/12/07)

Lee Rudolph suggested storm drains as a source of condoms that can be turned into hairbands. But Jakarta’s storm drains function are the city’s official waste collection system; filtering the condoms out of the assembled detritus would be daunting even to the city’s thousands of diligent garbage pickers. So Indonesia is importing used condoms from […]

Smooth positioning (18/12/07)

Since I’m on my way to Indonesia, I offer this great poster promoting Sutra condoms. “Sutera” means silk in Indonesia, but the temptation to draw parallels with India’s erotic classic was irresistible. Hence the Kama Sutra campaign. This particular poster only appeared in and around “entertainment” districts across the world’s most populous Moslem-majority nation.

In (partial) defence of UNAIDS (18/12/07)

Writing in The Guardian, Siddharth Dube takes aim at UNAIDS and other UN organisations for failing the people most at risk for HIV. (Bringing UNAids to Book) Speaking of UNAIDS and other organisations such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria, Dube says: “we have created these organizations, given them clear mandates, […]

Of good colleagues and bad husbands (17/12/07)

Writing in the Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway ponders on whether there’s any reason that people who have good marriages should have good relationships in the office. (Let’s keep the marriage counsellors out of the office). She reasons that people behave are very differently at home and at work, with men often being pussies at home […]

Artistic, offensive, or just plain silly? (16/12/07)

This from a Norwich art gallery:

In the begining, there was nonsense (16/12/07)

Brits tend to look down on the US for allowing fundamentalist fervour to drive politics. But Britain would do well to look at the rise of the tub-thumpers at home. Check out the plans for a Christian theme park in Lancashire, modeled, perhaps, on the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. In keeping with Britain’s […]

Country music says it all (15/12/07)

Feeling bereft of corporate bonhomie, I went last night to someone else’s Office Party. Star of the show was US Presidential candidate Tina C who thinks it’s time for trailer trash in the White House. (Again…?) Tina (aka Chris Green, but not that Chris Green) proves once and for all that no amount of sexuality […]

The weather’s looking up… (14/12/07)

The numbers game (14/12/07)

It is easy to rail at the Bush administration for the chains in which they tie up their AIDS funding for developing countries — the just-cross-your-legs prevention policies, the our-drugs-or-no-drugs treatment protocols, the abolitionist approach to the sex industry. But you have to give them credit for upping the ante on funding, and for taking […]

What’s with those Y chromosomes? (14/12/07)

One World AIDS Day, December 1, The Guardian published a piece in which I railed against leaving men out of our HIV prevention equation. (We can’t wait for equality) This rang bells with Michelle Kermode, from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Michelle is interested in focusing more attention on men in HIV prevention; so […]

Before you go to the pharmacy – sex ed from Ali G (13/12/07)

Common sense, over the counter (13/12/07)

Mothers and teenage daughters dominated London’s talk radio stations this morning, after the UK government said it would try making the contraceptive pill available over the counter in pharmacies (see The Guardian for a news report). Opponents of the move (including some teenage girls) said that it would encourage people to go out and have […]

To snip or not to snip – the circumcision dilemma (12/12/07)

Uganda is getting ready to offer free circumcision to men nationwide as a way of preventing the spread of HIV, according to a report in the New Vision newspaper. Studies in Uganda, South Africa and Kenya have shown that circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring HIV heterosexually by up to two thirds. But does that […]

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