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Wanted: Used condoms. Hair-raising reward (30/11/07)

Conscious of the environmental chaos that looms, China is encouraging its millions of avid consumers to recycle used products. But recycling condoms in the service of hair care? According to an AFP report, China is recycling used condoms into colourful rubber hair ties. Health officials are worried that people might get genital warts or HIV […]

Wearing your safe-sex on your sleeve (30/11/07)

Of course some people do a lot more with old condoms than just make hairbands. Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini makes ball gowns, suits and party frocks out of condoms that are rejected during quality control procedures. If they were available for sale in the EU, they’d no doubt have a health and safety warning reminding […]

Charity sex (29/11/07)

A Spanish friend of mine (who is something of a slut) used to justify his adventures with less attractive women by saying that he was “doing charity sex”. Now a sex worker in Chile has given the phrase a whole new meaning. Maria Carolina has donated 27 hours of sex to raise money for charity, […]

Have passport, will bonk (29/11/07)

If you travel in the world of on-line dating sites, don’t forget your passport. A company in Florida (where else?) is providing “Safe Sex Passports” that allow you to claim you’re a good, healthy lay. For a mere US$ 300, you can get tested for HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Your test results […]

Dying to get sick (29/11/07)

In a new report on HIV and corruption in South Africa, A Lethal Cocktail (pdf, 119 pages), Transparency International point the finger once again at South African President Thabo Mbeki. His dithering over HIV has, they say, created a climate of secrecy on the one hand and impunity on the other; both of these allow […]

Older white woman (28/11/07)

As I was sitting at Nairobi airport on Monday, waiting for a flight that was delayed by eight hours because British Airways couldn’t find a flight crew, I was hammered by another piece of bad news. Apparently Kenya is the place for white women of a certain age to go for sexual entertainment. (See Reuters […]

While we’re on sex in Kenya… (28/11/07)

Here’s one of my all-time favourite condom ads, for Kenya’s Trust brand. Hats off to the American taxpayer for funding this ad, and the very affordable and (in my experience) not bad quality Trust condoms it promotes.

The AIDS Capital (16/11/07)

One in 30 adults in Washington DC is infected with HIV, and that’s just the people we know about. That puts the capital of the United States on a par with Congo, Ethiopia and Angola. Why these scandalously high rates, over 9 times the national average? The report (pdf file, 139 pages) from the Washington […]